Leave the Big Net at home…

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I have been thirsty for a big brown trout for years, only catching 12 inch stockers in between brookies and rainbows.  As we set out for a float today, I am mainly prepped for some bird watching and a little smallmouth bass wrangling. But we will be on slow, warm water in the middle of the day so I am not feeling lucky.  “I’ll leave the big net behind”, I announce as we load the car with what is already too much to move without motor assist. 

And wouldn’t you know, after 2 eagles and an osprey, I find a willing brown trout hanging behind a rock in shallow slack water just off the bank.  

He provides plenty of nerve raising excitement, taking line and towing me around a bit by my woolly bugger. Once in (BARELY!) my not-very-big-net, we settle in for a breather before dashing back to the depths. The intense golden glow of the brown trout is unlike any other trout I have held before…radiant. 

Now, I have fished this very spot many times. In fact, many times with better water flows, better times of day, more trouty times of year, and with a BIGGER net. But today I am lucky?  Perhaps I will discard the bigger net. 


Late season river trout sampler…

New Hampshire Fly Fishing: Brown Trout, New Hampshire Fly Fishing: Rainbow Trout

Today was a trout double, courtesy of the “Art Green Ugly”…. My first (and likely last) brown trout of the year and a snappy rainbow in the yellow evening river light. I am such a happy gal this evening.