A Healthy School of Trout…cookies!

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Maria’s Brook Trout Cookie School


Jazzy Little Raft has Ph.D in Hypnosis: VIDEO

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I’m loving getting to new and complicated lines to fish in my Kodiak.  The entire undertaking feels so effortless and non-lethal, I find myself nearly hypnotized when riding the river.  Trouble is, it’s hard to be prepped for the hit in such a state of relaxation. And when some one does come knocking, it feels a little like being “pants-ed” in gym class: a BIG emergency.  But,as the video demonstrates, even fisherwomen who are half asleep can catch a fish if allowed 3 shots at it!

Worth it? Holes, Seams, and Bends…Rubber Ducky nabs ’em all.

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Here’s my new\used Water Master Kodiak (aka “Rubber Ducky”, thank you Art) all ready for launch. The first section to fish will be the flat water just upstream the initial elevation drop for this section of river. And then it’s game on! for the mile section of quick water up and around a horseshoe bend.  Is the expense of a high quality, fly fishing specific ring of rubber worth it?  How about the frantic stealth hiding of the boat and sundry items at the put in followed by a two mile “walk” throughout which your mind replays  obsessive visualizations of your craft being molested, damaged, or stolen upon your arrival?  Worth it?  I say yes. Three reasons why:




My Favorite Fishing Sweater

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If you are lucky enough to have a knitter who loves you and supports your compulsive desire to look and lurk in water…I suggest you introduce her to the Icelandic Sweater pattern. Knit with Lopi yarn or similar chunky wool, it makes the most incredible wading sweater. You know this person really loves you not by the overture of knitting the garment (even though that is an investment of effort far beyond expectation). The ultimate, most loyal love is exemplified in the blessing the knitter gives to take it into the woods with limbs and brambles just waiting to win the snag battle. “I’ll fix it….or just make you another one if I can’t”.


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