Tackle-Tyers: superhero or fly fisherman?

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I have yet to lay eyes on a more exciting, superhuman fly fishing accessory. Modern packaging has failed us in the angling niche. Thanks to the friend who thought to salvage this from her late father’s attic remnants.


Flies by mail…

New Hampshire Area Fly Shops and Supplies

Assorted Fly Stop Mail Order Flies

Got my first order from The Fly Stop.  I was curious to see what kind of quality you get when you purchase a fly for 65 cents.  Amazingly, these guys all look pretty healthy.  Will they hold up after the first strike?  I guess I will have to post a full review at the end of the season.

New Hampshire Fly Shops

New Hampshire Area Fly Shops and Supplies

Upper Valley outfitter

The Fly Shop: a dying breed?  Not if I can help it.  While it is a joy to sit in bed and peruse your favorite mail order catalogue with its slick pages full of tasty-priced fly fishing regalia, there is nothing, and I mean nothing, that can replace the a “local” fly shop.  Currently, I have only two options in New Hampshire, both of them over an hour drive from my home.  Recently, I stopped in at Upper Valley outfitter for the first time and was pleased to find Steve, who set me up with everything I needed to take a stab at tying my first fly (black ghost).

While we only have two dedicated fly shops (UVO and The North Country Angler), New Hampshire is fortunate to have shops that are attitude/hazing free…