Tackle-Tyers: superhero or fly fisherman?

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I have yet to lay eyes on a more exciting, superhuman fly fishing accessory. Modern packaging has failed us in the angling niche. Thanks to the friend who thought to salvage this from her late father’s attic remnants.


Midcurrent Photo Gallery

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A couple of my fly fishing shots were added to the Fly Fishing Photography Gallery on the fly angler web site midcurrent.com. I like this collection of photography because there is a range of shots- some that benefit overwhelmingly from their epic landscape to photos that are refreshingly mortal in which people are hell bent on finding fish where they already are. To see my gallery, look for me alphabetically on the page (“Stephanie Gould”) Peruse at your leisure, what else is there to do during a tropical storm anyway? In addition, the site offers extensive reviews and other information and links that are useful to no one else in the world other than fly fishermen. Love that.