The Further I Get Past The Humans



I pause for a moment, staring at a deer’s half-consumed rib cage that is resting between a pool filter and a Top Ramen noodle bag. If I duck down I can see the river through the trees- I’m almost there, but my curiosity beckons. Who threw their pool filter in the middle of the woods? What animal left a half eaten deer next to the river? And I’m not sure who would make noodles and toss the bag in the woods, but I notice they are also missing some hair ties, RC Cola cans, and a heinous amount of used toilet paper. And what’s with the pool filter…did you really bring that out here? The eeriness of all the untold stories, and people’s failed attempts at camping, bothers me. The coldness sweeping over me could also be the cloud cover that has rolled in and darkened the river valley, adding to the…

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