Sometimes, It’s A FAIL


Mamaflybox at it again..speaking droves of fly fisher truths. She’s a sage and a hoot, my favorite combo!


10352256_10203101294764707_6064761208400454415_n THIS IS A SUMMER PICTURE OF ONE OF OUR FAILS

Just so you know, sometimes things fail miserably.

When you are fishing in the warmer winter season and you watch your two-year old confidently follow you into the water with his snow boots on. Ankle deep in the water, assuming his boots are waterproof too, he says, “Fish. Mom.” And I say, “Where is your dad?”……………….Fail

When you drive for two hours into the mountains and get a flat tire about five miles from the river, without a tire iron…And hilbillies fix it for you and then you turn around and go right back home…..Fail


When you don’t sign your kids (under 10 yrs old up) for sports because you don’t want to lose your family fishing weekends………………….Fail

 When you rescue baby fish from your fish tank and raise them for three months…. And then you get tired of taking care of…

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Leave the Big Net at home…

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I have been thirsty for a big brown trout for years, only catching 12 inch stockers in between brookies and rainbows.  As we set out for a float today, I am mainly prepped for some bird watching and a little smallmouth bass wrangling. But we will be on slow, warm water in the middle of the day so I am not feeling lucky.  “I’ll leave the big net behind”, I announce as we load the car with what is already too much to move without motor assist. 

And wouldn’t you know, after 2 eagles and an osprey, I find a willing brown trout hanging behind a rock in shallow slack water just off the bank.  

He provides plenty of nerve raising excitement, taking line and towing me around a bit by my woolly bugger. Once in (BARELY!) my not-very-big-net, we settle in for a breather before dashing back to the depths. The intense golden glow of the brown trout is unlike any other trout I have held before…radiant. 

Now, I have fished this very spot many times. In fact, many times with better water flows, better times of day, more trouty times of year, and with a BIGGER net. But today I am lucky?  Perhaps I will discard the bigger net.