Andro: Hello, old friend. 

A little stillwater casting before dropping into my favorite quick water section on what is a picturesque spring day. Bright skies and super cold water make trout scarce. But in 900 cfs, I am able to inspect the deeper lanes of current that are usually too swift and deep to peruse. Fishing it will be a whole new river.

4 replies to “Andro: Hello, old friend. 

  1. Well said, and well fished!

    Always good to find the positives. After all, fishing is supposed to be FUN!

    Love the awesome photos!

    I’m also in New Hampshire, but fish for bass these days.

    I found you via The Amateur Angler. Tell him I said hello!

    Tight lines!

    Roger, The Smiling BassHole

    1. Hi Roger! Thanks for reading and writing. It’s a great to know there is a healthy contingent of fisherfolk who out there who treat laughter and friendship with the same reverence they do a fat. bass. Have a wonderful season with lots of great memories!

    1. Hey! Great to hear from you. Thanks for the kind words. Mostly captured with an IPhone …if you try to enlarge it it will be one big blur but I’m too lazy to carry multiple cameras these days! I hope you have a great fishing season. I have enjoyed hearing from some of your readers who have the same great attitude as you do. Cheers-Steph

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