3 replies to “Tributary on the Mad River

  1. Hey, That’s the Eddy, my favorite swim hole on the Mad. Last year I put on a mask and snorkel and poked around that hole and up and down stream when the water was swimmable in late July. To my surprise, i spied a couple of nice looking bows holding in fast water behind the rocks at the outflow of the pool. They sat there despite the fact that the pool turns into a swimming pool on July and August weekends. When I came back the next day, flyrod in hand, they had either fled the planet or gone on a starvation diet.

    1. Exactly! It is a great…and now very popular spot. It’s funny that the little trout don’t seem to mind swimming around with the general public in the pool. I’m happy to hear you saw bigger fish here. I have only seen little fingerling trout. Next time you go diving, connect a little tippet and streamer to the end of your fin. Perhaps you can achieve all of your goals in one outing! Thanks so much for you post, Jerry

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