How Fleets Happen: Kodiak Multiplication on the Pemi


Every once in a while someone designs an implement whose fun factor is equal to its utility quotient…the IPhone, all -wheel drive, the BMW 650 single cylinder adventure motorcycle, backcountry waxless skis.  When I stumble upon such tools, I am left with a very strange feeling that no person with an exceedingly modest expendable income should have; “We need two of them!”  Additionally, there is a strong urge to paint the expenditure as a sort of thanks giving to the designer of the item no matter how stout the price tag it carries.  I mean, you really want to support BMW motorcycles because they care about your safety enough to “throw in” the ABS as a standard feature!

Such is the case with the Water Master Kodiak.  I am smitten with this little craft and have been anxious to share the experience of its genius design with my adventuring mates.  Plus, I have a terrible anxiety that when something is so good it’s only a matter of time before you can’t get them anymore (i.e. straight legged pants in the age of skinny jeans).

So, after a snowless winter, my spouse and I took to charging into spring with an aggressive stance.  Which, as you can imagine, resulted in a pulling the trigger on a second Kodiak.  I bought my Kodiak used, so this is the first experience I had dealing with the maker of the boat (Big Sky Inflatables).  Maria chose the blue Kodiak expedition Package.  The purchasing of the boat through Rich will leave you feeling totally broke…but wanting to by him a beer for taking your money.  It’s all just so good, there’s no question you needed two.  Perhaps a third?  I mean round numbers are so pedestrian…

5 replies to “How Fleets Happen: Kodiak Multiplication on the Pemi

  1. With you, I’m also a Water Master adventurer and admirer. So glad to see that Maria is now an enthusiast and partner. Stephanie, you should write the ads for Water Master! Where did you get those hats?!.

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