Busy Dad…must catch in 10 minutes or less!


My Dad is a very busy guy of late. He must arrive at the fishing site, get behind the reel, catch, and release his trout in “T-minus” 10 minutes. Achieved!  Here is his spunky R.T.  You go, Grandy!


Gravity getting stronger?



Either Gravity is getting stronger, or I’m getting weaker. As the years pile on me, my upper body strength is dwindling. Of course there are ways to combat this which, no matter which method you choose (gym, bags of sugar or yoga), take time. Time I could be fishing. So I have commandeered my spouses NRS Inflatable SUP to see if these fishy SUP people on the “world wide web” are really onto something. I haven’t yet found the perfect water to really give a fair try at casting (I really want to use it on rivers), but I can tell you this; Loading and unloading off of my no frills Thule base rack…BUTTER!  Oh my not aching back!  I’ll assess its real functionality over the next 2 months, when my spouse is not putting it to use for birding.

“Stomp and Release”: Fish Conservation Strategy #109 


Beavers make constant work for folks in charge of maintaining trails at The Silvio O Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge-Pondicherry Division. For fishing, birding, or walking it’s worth a visit. For more information on what you can expect in the way of fish and birds, go to:


Downpours are Exciting!


Why I wonder do trout love to frolic in the rain?  I paddled in downpours and showers this morning, unphased  by the half gallon of water in my boat because the little trout where a veritable Cirque De Soleil…an acrobatic scene made only more frantic with the intensifying rain. I appreciated the barbless hook that Art ties his 88’s on. These little guys

imagehave sensitive mouths and eat in manner way beyond their modest stature. When you hook more than you can count, the safety and ease of release can make the difference between a stressful scene or a ridiculously exciting morning behind the reel.  Next time you have to close your windows because the rain is coming sideways into your house…get a boat and a rod-and a go barbless!image