Another Reason to Move to Scotland

As if you needed one. Besides the trail running, the bicycling, the dense charm, the history…how about the integration of fly fishing in your village stroll?  A friend of mine took this great shot of a fly fisher she happened upon in her travels.  

Fly Fishing in the Park. Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow-The River Kelvin.   Photo credit: Jena Palisoul  

2 replies to “Another Reason to Move to Scotland

  1. Yes fishing is Great there. But u would still pay taxes to the US. And presuming that you worked there, you would be taxed there.
    In addition to that you would be greatly missed

    1. So true…. I think they only take you if you have something to offer of real substance to their country which pretty much rules me out. I don’t think my most impressive talents of getting to get my cat to chase a laser pointer or making delicious grilled pizzas is going to get me in the door

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