Women Who Wrote Fly Fishing History…and their AWESOME suits!

After struggling to make it through the gratuitous and distracting art house animation that crowded the soul of KISS THE WATER, I was compelled to find out more about Megan Boyd, the legendary fly tier.  While the content of Ms. Boyd depicted in animation is that of a slender, clearly breakable, stock figure of femininity the description of Ms. Boyd given by those who knew her are contradictory.  As the film ends, Megan is shown working at her bench in a her standard jacket and tie.

After the film, I stumbled upon a comprehensive and wonderfully interactive site detailing the contributions of women throughout the history of fly fishing.  After a little clicking, I found the wearing of suits to be the trademark of other major figures recognized in the exhibition.  It’s an exciting discovery for me because I have always had an affinity for the suit and tie….I mean if you like pairing color, it just doesn’t get any more festive than a suit and tie!  So many combinations in such a practical, wearable configuration.  I will be doing more research on this trademark and perhaps perusing my local thrift shop for a get-up of my own.  If you see a lady in a very nice suit catching huge trout on the river this season, please say hello.  If I have an extra Megan Boyd fly kicking around, I might be feeling generous!

For more information and to view the really well designed and documented exhibition history of Women in Fly Fishing presented by the American Museum of Fly Fishing visit:


See these gals sporting suits pictured below:  Megan Boyd, Julia Freeman Fairchild, Carrie J. Frost




In 2011 the American Museum of Fly Fishing opened its ground-breaking exhibition, A Graceful Rise, to highlight the careers and contributions of fifty-two women, from the fifteenth century to the twenty-first century. Though the exhibition closed in 2013, the Museum digitally prepared the materials for an eventual online program. This online version of the exhibition recreates the gallery experience enjoyed by thousands.

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