Brookie Love: the kissable trout


Another fishing season begins in earnest for me this morning.  Amidst rain and fog, a brookie triplet.  Two reasons these fish earn big smiles from me; #1-they are typically the first of the season for me and…#2-their deeply saturated blue and red spots seem almost psychedelic after a long winter of monochrome.   Brookies arrive on my line with the phlox and the daffodils.  They signal stoop-sitting with morning coffee, rivers readying for wading…these are the dormant visions the first brookie awakes.  Makes me just want to hug them with silly, uncoordinated excitement!  Experience has proven that kissing, rather than hugging them, is the way to go.

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6 replies to “Brookie Love: the kissable trout

    1. Well, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one! Thanks for reading. Hey, it was so nice to see what a successful event you guys had at Pondicherry! Maria, (my spouse running with me) loves everything about birds. Eagles and owls are her top picks. I have not been bitten by the bird bug as of yet, but I told Maria that the interactions we had with folks on the trail that day were so positive that it almost makes you want to get into it just to be around such nice people. Every single person we passed gave us big smiles and genuine hellos. You have a good community here. One I am sure you have had a large part in creating. Keep up the good work! Steph

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