A cause for patience….

The elegant contrast of elevation in the spring is one feature of the ice- to-water transition that has the power to elicit patience in an eager fly fisher. If you take it in while running, you are made even more “patient” by the residual physiological state that repels the idea of dumping your legs into fast moving water where they will certainly struggle to keep you upright.

2 replies to “A cause for patience….

  1. Indeed, spring training for Fly Fishing should be considered a sport unto itself.
    I know that spot…any Marsh Wren, Northern Harrier or other migrant bird sightings or were you running to fast with fish on your mind?

    1. Happy spring Leslie!!!! I always think of you when we run there. Now listen. The only bird I briefly saw had I very white chest and was small to medium sized with dark tan and grey wing and head. I don’t think he liked the sound of my pounding feet! Hope you guys had a great winter. Hope to run into you this summer and when I do…I’m going to make you a cash offer on those waders!

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