Data Wading…not for me.


Smart waders.  Hmmm.  Seems like the idea has arisen out of a legitimate scientific need to collect large sets of data efficiently in an effort to better assess and address the health of fisheries.  But after my first read, I think I will opt to keep my waders dumb.  Don’t get me wrong…I am not an anti-tech purist. When the fishing is good (or I have ventured farther than I had planned), I certainly appreciate the convenience of pulling out my cell phone to give notice of a later home e.t.a. (spouses appreciate this, as well).  But, sometimes, I just want to be away from the world on the stream…rather than streaming unbridled data  into the virtual world.

Click on the photo above or the link below to read BBC story about Smart Waders

2 replies to “Data Wading…not for me.

  1. Hi Stephanie
    Haven’t had a chance to meet yet but would love to spend a day on the water with you. I have been following your photos and comments. I’m speaking at the Pemi TU in Plymouth at the Common Man tonight. Love to have you attend and if you do please come and say hi. Best to your Dad for me please. See you on the water.
    Screaming reels,
    Angus Boezeman

    1. Hi there Angus! It’s been too long hearing such wonderful things about you and having yet to put a face with the accolades. Art has been inviting me to join you for the Plymouth talk. Ironically, I work in Plymouth until 5 that day and then am required by my canine clan to shoot north of the notch to let them out. So glad to hear from you. I’m making it a priority mission to meet you this season! And meeting you while standing in a school of freely feeding trout would be preferable 😉 Stephanie

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