Publication of Alaska Guide teaching photo, TU…

See page 23 of Trout Magazine (Trout Unlimited’s mag) Summer 2014 for a picture I took of my nephew being intstructed by a guide while at Lake Marie Lodge, Alaska.  If you don’t get the magazine, join TU.  It’s a juicy perk.  If you lost your copy, you can go to TROUT MAGAZINE archives and peruse.  Might not be available yet, but keep checking.


4 replies to “Publication of Alaska Guide teaching photo, TU…

  1. Stephanie-
    You should be very proud to have the photo published in “Trout” magazine. It was mentioned with compliments at a recent Ammonoosuc TU Board Meeting.

  2. Awesome! Hey, just because the fishing is closed, doesn’t mean you have to stop sharing your pictures. Where are you at? Hope you had a nice Holiday Season. Im relieved it is over lol ttyl

    1. Hey!!!! I’m with you…. Glad the holiday insanity is behind us. Well, we are having a dud winter out here so I must admit that I am a bit distracted just trying not to go mad!… Ice climbing, cross country skiing, backcountry skiing are the old go to neighborhood activities, but all have been suffering from inadequate conditions. Additionally, we ran a couple of half marathons this summer which left me with a common, but nagging leg issue. So, needless to say, There haven’t been a while lot of entertaining photos to share. Lol! Starting to feel my age. How are the kids? Are you deep into planning for next season’s trips… Oh that sounds so fun. In our holiday madness, we forgot to send you the little trinkets I had in mind. Soo.. What T-shirt sizes are the kids? Keep in touch.. I will shoot you some mildly entertaining photos via email. So happy you rang!

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