Publication of Alaska Guide teaching photo, TU…


See page 23 of Trout Magazine (Trout Unlimited’s mag) Summer 2014 for a picture I took of my nephew being intstructed by a guide while at Lake Marie Lodge, Alaska.  If you don’t get the magazine, join TU.  It’s a juicy perk.  If you lost your copy, you can go to TROUT MAGAZINE archives and peruse.  Might not be available yet, but keep checking.



It’s All Fun and Games…


Until someone gets jabbed in the eye with an eagle claw! Best day of kayak fishing I have ever had on NH water. A little dream-like, the chilly day began and ended with large trout readily hitting a barbless 88. The water served up a little nightmarish fun as well…in bird form. As I sat in my small kayak pulling in spirited fish after fish on a bouncy fly rod, this hungry gentleman took notice-



See that eagle eye locked on to me in my tiny boat? I have the thought “hmmm, wouldn’t it be crazy amazing if he swooped down for a fish…”. A couple of minutes later, fish on. It’s a large rainbow jumping high out of the water. Keep the tension, I am thinking. This is a nice fish and I want to see him at the side of my boat before he heads back to open water. A get him on the reel and he begins swirling in my general direction. He’s about 15 feet out now and out of the corner of my eye, I see the eagle on the move gliding in an ever tightening circle around my dwarfish boat as the trout nears me. And I have following frantic thought stream”no thank you. this boat is going over if this mass of bird goes for it. Life jacket is on, secured, paddle = weapon…wait, you can’t hit an eagle! Water-cold. Out here alone”. Ultimately, he bowed out and fell back to the trees and continued to oversee the fishing activities. I proceeded to move to the other side of the pond, regardless of where the fish were. Yeah, not crazy amazing after all. Crazy terrifying. I must give thanks to him for allowing me to continue about my business and for leaving a large sampling of fish for me to catch in, what certainly must be, his cafeteria line.