Artful Alder Acquaintance on the Androscoggin


In less then 5 minutes and 4 “simple” steps, my friend Art gracefully demonstrates the magical delight of the Alder Fly (or zebra caddis) on the Androscoggin on the hottest day of the summer to date. The steps…?

1. Expertly tie a stash of alder flies in many variations


2. Rig up real quick


3. Sneak up on fish rising to feed on the alder hatch…


4. Have a chuckle at how easy it is to impress someone with only a fraction of your experience behind the reel. Beautiful, Art!



3 thoughts on “Artful Alder Acquaintance on the Androscoggin

  1. I’m embarrassed to see my image in photos! But at least I caught a fish! I enjoyed your company on a very hot day.

    1. Well, you’re such a handsome devil….let me know if you find yourself being harassed by modeling agents and I will remove the photos. Thanks again for a fun go around, Art

  2. I know that guy, he is highly skilled and knows his stuff! When he catches fish it has nothing to do with “luck” šŸ™‚

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