A Teenager’s Bliss…

Ammonoosuc River: Our NH "Home" River, Fly Fishing: Photography, Flyfishing Photography, New Hampshire Fly Fishing: Brook Trout

There are few things that thrill a teenager that do not result in the potential for personal injury, fines, or intervention by law enforcement. A nice Brookie taken on a bead head nymph on the edge of an eddy is one of them.




Lunch on the Connecticut with Eagles

Fly Fishing: Photography, The Connecticut River

Apologies for previous post malfunction. Not a great day for fishing, but the eagle scouting SUPist found her avian target…an amazing birded lunch on an island at a confluence. Dam let go 6000 cfs prior to our luncheon. We did some gear and boat walking prior to snacking to set ourselves up for a smooth departure.






A Tiger in the River



Just when I think things have become predictable, the water throws me a curve ball; and I relish in the change-up.  While not a general fan of “life” curve balls, I am roaring with excitement at what I can only guess is a Tiger in the river.  Exotic neighborhood fishing.  I would like to pilot an elephant, camel, or giraffe home rather than my vehicle.  Just saying…for the ultimate congruence. 

Death by Brook Trout…

New Hampshire Fly Fishing: Brook Trout

I finally had a brookie rally on the river.  Nips and gulps at every pool, seam, and boulder.  All told, there were 10 little brookies caught and returned.  I am using the last of one of my most beloved flies to catch these little guys.  These cute little fish….


Hardly toothed, I wonder how it is that they succeed in mangling my fly to a near unrecognizable state.  You can bet I will be in a panic to find a forgotten/lost extra, like searching for change under car mats at the toll both.  They just delighted in this flashy green bead head bugger with legs (R.I.P)…


You will laugh….



I hate to read.  Actually, to be honest, I’m just not good at it. See the average length of my posts…that’s about my attention span for the written word.  I like picture books.  But every once in a while I stumble upon something that’s worth making the effort.  And mamaflybox swiftly broke my filter. You must follow this blog. Kaitlin is a truly hysterical and dedicated flyfisher mom.  Great writing, great laughter, great adventures/misadventures.  Wish she would take me camping….

Hexegenia Limbata, a moonlight dance

Fly Fishing: Photography, Flyfishing Photography

Fishing for rainbow trout feeding on a Hexegenia hatch. This is my first time fishing a hex hatch and I am surprised to learn that the fish don’t come to life until just before dark. So we wait for rises. It is the moon’s ascent that captures me…and for the remainder of the evening the trout seem secondary. Which is convenient. I didn’t catch a thing on my hex fakery.