Orthodontic Encounter…I favor the trout.


While stripping streamers for trout I came upon this pickerel, my first dentally clad fish on a fly rod.  Fun to land, not so much thereafter.





First off, my fly looks like it was the recipient of a Flowbee salon experience.








Secondly, the sight of these guys’ teeth just never fail to terrify me.  My mind instantly flashes to a gruesome horror movie scene… “Saw 17:  Pickerel Panic”.  I favor the trout.

One reply to “Orthodontic Encounter…I favor the trout.

  1. Chain Pickerel also seem to have an extremely slimy skin coating. Whenever I catch them, which is often, it is necessary to thoroughly wash out the net before hopefuling netting a trout. It is sometimes said that Pickerel have been here since prehistoric times. They certainly seem to have the attributes to survive through the ages!

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