Fishing or Football…hard to tell.


I have yet to figure out exactly what physiological process accounts for a sudden eruption of high fives, hopping, and congratulatory verbosity upon the catching and netting of a fish….but I think it must be closely related to what football players experience.  It looks an awful lot like an touchdown jig.  Unfortunately, as silly as it looks in a stadium filled to capacity, it appears totally and completely misplaced in the wild.  My apologies to those who might have caught a glimpse of our triad “touchdowning” on the water.  It is not a professional tactic.  But, as far as dancers go, I have to say…we have some pretty mad skills.

2 replies to “Fishing or Football…hard to tell.

  1. as long as nobody is wearing tight pants and slapping bums . . . I think you can get away with it in the National Forest 🙂

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