The Elusive Yellow Cone Head Zuddler :Dye Job?

I have been on the prowl to replace the YELLOW cone head zuddler that rewarded me with beautiful, large brookies while wade fishing on Profile Lake earlier in the season. 


Amazingly, finding one in YELLOW within the vicinity of North America has proven challenging.  After much research, I was entirely pleased to find a stash of them at a fly shop in neighboring Maine.  I pulled the trigger without pause, firing off my PayPal info while half distracted by hallucinatory visions of these YELLOW zuddlers coaxing more trout out of the lake come fall.
I slept well after receiving my order confirmation.  My small army of zuddlers were to be lovingly packed and shipped to me within 24 hours.  I awoke to the following news…

“Thank you for your on-line order of the 3 Yellow Zuddlers.

When our last order arrived here the Yellow Zuddlers have been put on back order and I can’t say exactly when they will arrive here.

I can hold your order until they arrive and ship them then or refund your PayPal payment back to your PayPal account.

Sorry for the inconvenience,
Dan Legere”

And the search continues.  I have decided that if I am not able to secure shipment by mid August, I will be forced to
A.  Learn how to tie the fly
B.  Learn how to dye the fly.  There are plenty if white ones around.

5 replies to “The Elusive Yellow Cone Head Zuddler :Dye Job?

  1. You should have let me know that you were in search of such an elusive item…and I would have grabbed some for you in the UK. Jena

    1. Of course! Why didn’t I think of that? Price per dozen? And can I send payment via your paypal account? Looking for 6, 8, 10 mix… your suggestion on how many of each. Mostly for cold water on Profile and deep pools. Also…while participating in the TU/NHFG Ammo survey yesterday, I got to see a little salmon hybrid. I took 556 pictures in 4 hours. Pretty interesting. Hope you and yours are well! Stephanie

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