Stonefly Slinging on Streeter

Streeter Pond: A NH Gem of a Trout Pond

Drifting and rowing around with my Dad, we hit on an interesting phenomenon. Gusts plus passing clouds equals fish chomping stonefly nymphs. Literally waiting for a healthy gust to bother casting…by the way- If you see my Dad, don’t mention it. He hooked and lost a really large fish (which we saw as it jumped and snapped his leader) This the kind of hell that drives some fisherman to the bottle. Not my Dad, but he will be pushing down Snickers and Blue Bell ice cream this evening in an effort to conceal the memory with a diabetic flush of amnesia.


Survival Clip Art Winner…



Still entirely relevant, this little booklet has been a part of teaching Mainers how to negotiate the dangers of the Maine woods since 1972.  The great clip art is an added entertainment factor.

Johnny-Dodgin’ strainers on the Pemi


The Lavro Lazy Drifter had an exciting maiden voyage today including obstacles of every variety. Haven’t been on this section since Irene walloped New England leaving 3 new trees to cause adequate panic for the newly minted drift boat paddler. See JB negotiating a narrow section with 2 successive strainers downstream. We politely exited the vessel deciding instead to do the more pedestrian walking option. Did someone say class II? No thanks. We’ll need to log a whole season of hours to get these skills down. Oh…as advertised…it does seem to handle large, lurking rocks pretty well!


digging out of the current just upstream of the nastiness…

Advanced Angling Strategies



Pictured here are my friend’s grandchildren conducting cutting edge research for Orvis’s Product Development Division.  They are fishing with sticks, string, and a hook.  I am anxious to read the outcome of their study as I am absolutely sure they are having more success than I have lately.  I have succeeded in landing only 2 of the 15 or so fish that I have encountered in the many hours of wielding graphite and costumed hooks.