Goodnight and Good Morning…

Streeter Pond: A NH Gem of a Trout Pond

I caught my first trout of the season today at Streeter Pond on a fly recommended by Chris and Brian, two of the pond’s native sages. Five small rainbows, one medium chunky, and a big missed tug have me willing to finally relinquish. Tonight, the last bit of winter holds in the ravines of Mount Washington faintly lit by an emerging yellow moon. Although the air is still sweater worthy, this huge candlelight moon is proof that summer is on its way. And the fishing will be good.




It is just now that I realize that the vintage, adolescent circa 1980’s acronym representing the status of undying friendship (best friends forever) contains alternate references.  B might be BOAT.  Double F’s, of course, would be an acceptable notation for FLY FISHING.  I have a long time friend who has agreed to tow our new drift boat from the Lavro Boat Yard in Washington state as he and his partner, 3 bunnies, a multitude of cats, and random household items hurdle towards the ends of the east coast.  See the picture above of his trip from the boatyard to Winthrop, WA…yes, in a snowstorm.  B.  F.  F. 


My Favorite Fishing Sweater

Ammonoosuc River: Our NH "Home" River, The Good Goods

If you are lucky enough to have a knitter who loves you and supports your compulsive desire to look and lurk in water…I suggest you introduce her to the Icelandic Sweater pattern. Knit with Lopi yarn or similar chunky wool, it makes the most incredible wading sweater. You know this person really loves you not by the overture of knitting the garment (even though that is an investment of effort far beyond expectation). The ultimate, most loyal love is exemplified in the blessing the knitter gives to take it into the woods with limbs and brambles just waiting to win the snag battle. “I’ll fix it….or just make you another one if I can’t”.


And the back…


Pots of Gold…Without the Rainbow: NH’s Remote Trout Ponds

New Hampshire Fly Fishing Multimedia, NH's Remote Trout Ponds

Time to start recruiting your favorite kid and planning a trip to one of NH’s remote trout ponds.  Ethan Pond seems particularly loved by parents and children alike.  If you do go, ask you neighboring camper why they chose Ethan Pond and expect to hear an emotional recanting of a parent’s persistent effort to inoculate a kid with a thirst for fly fishing and the residual adventures that follow in the pursuit of fish.