Texas Ditch Fishin’

My most recent visit to Texas provided me with an opportunity to be guided by my most excellent fishing colleague, Sam Gould, on a terrifically challenging pursuit of minuscule ditch bass.


We arrived to a pair of neighborhood weenie fishermen who commented “your going to go to all that trouble to catch a fish on that fly?”. To which my esteemed fishing partner said “yes, what are you using?”. “Weenies” one of the kids replied. So, clearly, we had already won the war by trapping them into saying “weenies”, regardless of whether Sam was able to nab a little bass on his fly. We chased minnows from end to end of the ditch. Sam flung the fly into the culvert in an attempt to lure somebody out…

Finally, just before it was time to ditch the ditch and head the two blocks home towards dinner, Sam found success. Unfortunately the youth “weenie” fishermen had checked out previous to Sam’s prize. A missed opportunity to demonstrate to them the rewards of “going to all that trouble with a fly”.


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