We will ski…at some point, maybe. Right?

New Hampshire Fly Fishing: Rainbow Trout, Streeter Pond: A NH Gem of a Trout Pond

A total melting today under clearing skies and temps in the 50s. If skis won’t glide, it’s time to cast some flies before water freezes. Slow sippers on Streeter are unimpressed by everything, until finally I have a taker on the smallest fly in my box. I still have a slight murmur of a headache from threading it onto my leader. Tough fishing, but until there is snow to play in I am grateful for the opportunity to be outside.


Fishing holes…for next year


Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail, lower section. Headwaters of the Ammonoosuc River
I keep finding spots I wish I had fished during the season past. Soon, these potholes and pools will be shrouded by ice and snow. As I hike today, I am thinking about how I will remember to come back here when the excitement of a new fishing season will send me defaulting to the standby holes that I have been dreaming about during the winter months.