Casting Wall


Since I do not possess the muscular and mental grit to enjoy the punishing sport of long distance running…I can’t say for certain…but I might have hit the proverbial “Wall”. That is, the point at which you must refuel or regress. Moving onto still water as the rivers warm and shrink has been as frustrating as it has been exciting. I find myself working against me at every turn.
Reflecting on why fishing small ponds for trout is so diabolically maddening, I realize that there is a cognitive chaos that results in an inner frenzy. And if you have ever fished, whether spinning or fly, you know the following to be true; INNER FENZY=REALLY BAD LINE MESSES. As an intermediate caster who is far too easily excited by any fish movement in my peripheral, I experience the following cognitions in rapid fire succession (in no particular order);
-hurry up
-wait for it
-don’t force it
-just a little more
-don’t go crazy
-it’s almost dark

I think it’s time to refuel. For me, the casting “wall” represents a blend of psychological self abuse and a need for additional skills to temper my inner frenzy. Time for a lesson.

3 replies to “Casting Wall

  1. We all go through that frustration as still water is a fickle beast that usually causes a love hate relationship. Hate the frustration and love how difficult it is when your angling skills grow and the still water remains a challenge. Stick with it, same with the Andro, she has been my nemesis for many a years and how I adore her still to this day.

  2. Still wondering how that whole mess above my head while casting doesn’t come raining down around my head. Nice shot of you girl.

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