More Sketchy Fishin’


Amazing what kind of environments seem inviting when large brown trout are rumored to be in residence. Access is golden.


Maria Snags Fish Camp Rainbow Record…

New Hampshire Fly Fishing: Rainbow Trout

Maria floats an attractor fly over the back of a sunken boulder for the hit of the day…

Screaming like a person aflame while landing a fish results in the fish displaying complex acrobatics…this healthy rainbow trout jumped three times before making his way to the net.

What a treat to see Maria land her biggest fish yet…back out on the river this evening per her request.

Streeter Pond Overachievers


Streeter Pond Overachievers

“Spunky”: For chilly mornings and late afternoons, early season.  Traditional name-Black Ghost

“Confucious”: Draws strikes in swirly, unsettled weather in between downpours.  Traditional name-Royal Coachman

“Depthuty”: Sunny afternoons mid season, when the surface is quiet.  Traditional name-Wooly Bugger

“Lazypants”: Clear days with high pressure, when there is some action on the top, but fish are rolling without gusto.  Draws strikes trolling and casting to ripples.  Traditional name-Black Gnat, Dry Fly

Dehydration/starvation on Coffin with Cannon…what?


This illustrates one reason why it is so hard to move from ponds to rivers. The cool air has trout leaving ripples in rapid fire succession, a phenomena that makes it almost impossible for a fisherman to leave…despite total dehydration and lack of a square lunch. This is my famished 13 year old nephew casting to the ripples on Coffin Pond in Franconia. That’s Cannon Mountain behind him…