Gale River Pools

Top Pool, Gale River

Another friendly fisherman from Littleton directed me to a wonderful spot on the Gale where I found a succession of pools and chutes.  I started with a bead head, light brown wooly bugger.

Casting into the Top Pool, Gale River

No interested parties.  I moved down river, repeatedly delighted by the ledge walls and deep basins.  This section is almost like a miniature gorge.

Brook Trout, Gale River

Here we go.  A decisive strike form a small brook trout on the bead head wooly bugger.  He took the fly just on the above the ledge drop that cascades into the next pool.  I caught seven of these; three on the wooly bugger and four on a black ghost.  There were no signs of bigger fish, even in the deepest pools.

Middle Pool Section, Gale River

The most lively section this morning…

Brief Sun Spot, Gale River

Cloudy and raining for most of the morning, but the sun did peek through briefly…

Bottom Linear Pool, Gale River.

My guess… if there are bigger fish around, this would be a good home for them.  The river emerges from the ledge just below this bottom section.  This is the deepest spot and offers some still water on the tail of the pool.  I tried a couple of weighted wooly buggers and a minnow streamer here to no avail.

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